Increasingly, businesses in the jewellery supply chain are being asked questions about the source of the diamonds, gold and platinum group metals in the products they sell. A range of stakeholders, including legislators, international institutions and civil society are focusing on issues such as conflict, child labour, human rights abuses, poor mining practices and other risks in the 'upstream' part of the jewellery supply chain. Provenance claims are increasingly being used by companies to provide assurance that these types of conditions are not found in the supply chain of the materials in their products.

Gecko does not make any untruthful, misleading or deceptive representation, or make any material omission in the selling, advertising or marketing of any Diamond, Synthetic or Simulant, and/or any Gold, and/or any Platinum Group Metals Jewellery Products.

Gecko have implemented a complaints mechanism appropriate to the nature, scale and impact of the business, to allow interested parties to voice concerns about the veracity of the Provenance Claim(s).



Concerns can be raised by interested parties via email or telephone to:

Gecko Distribution Centre




01376 532000


On receiving a complaint, we will aim to:

- Get an accurate report of the complaint
- Explain our complaint procedure
- Find out how the complainant would like it handled
- Decide who is the appropriate person internally to handle the complaint, or assist with redirecting the complaint to another entity, such as the relevant supplier, or an institution, such as a relevant industry body
- Where the issue can be handled internally, seek further information where possible and appropriate
- Identify any actions we should take, or monitor the situation
- Advise the complainant of any decisions or outcomes
- Keep records on complaints received and the internal process followed, for at least 5 years.