Skin Safe Jewellery with AnchorCert Protect

Gecko Jewellery is certified safe against all known metal allergies and ACP compliant

Did you know that currently 20% of the UK population do not wear jewellery for fear of an allergic reaction? AnchorCert Protects against all known metal allergens making it safe for your skin, even if you already have skin allergies.

Most people who suffer from metal allergies are allergic to Nickel, but research carried out by AnchorCert Analytical revealed that there are 16 metallic elements used in the manufacture of jewellery that are known to cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD). AnchorCert Pro is a unique UKAS-accredited testing methodology that identifies and measures the suite of metallic elements that may cause ACD and provides regulatory compliance in relation to REACH, Nickel and General Product Safety Regulations for jewellery, watches and other products including spectacles, hair accessories and clothing trims.

Ultimately, this means complete freedom from metal allergies and sensitivities for the majority of people, no other testing standard offers this distinction.

Find out more about AnchorCert Pro here.

All of our brands and products across Gecko Jewellery have been certified as AnchorCert Pro compliant, we are one of the few jewellery suppliers in the industry to officially be considered kind to skin.